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Who I am

My name is Juan Loza. As a portrait and nature photographer, I actively strive to capture both people and nature using multi-disciplinary platforms to showcase the positive realities of the world in which we live. 

Since 2010 I have been creating and composing photographs.  I am passionate about nature and artistic photography which are the foundation of my work and provide inspiration to my other areas of specialization including family and corporate portraits as well as fashion photography. Always seeking to expand my knowledge and creativity in the field, I regularly experiment with different types of photography including film and digital. 

Although diverse, my clientele all have the same thing in common: tenacity and ambition for life- From the family who wants to capture precious moments in time- to the fashion model who is a global force of creativity- to the entrepreneurial men and women seeking to further their business goals through unique marketing strategies- to the corporation who communicates their particular brand through photography, together we can explore the infinite creative possibilities that photography allows. If you are an entrepreneur, family, corporation, or model, we will create a new image that illuminates both your identity and your story. Let’s inspire the world.

I am Juan Loza, I am your photographer.

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